One Day Tour

Antelope provides wide variety of ocean tours which we, diving shop can guide you.
We show you what you should see in Palau and make you to feel good.
Please tell us about your request.

Included: Drinks, Snorkel, Lifejacket, Lunch
For Kayak tour, included: Marine Boots, Rain Coat, Dry Bag

Super Rock Island Tour

If you want to complete all MUST points to visit, this is the ONE!
You can snorkel at famous diving spot, Big Drop Off where you can visit ONLY with Antelope.
Let’s enjoy Palauan Ocean with us!!

  • Tour Time: 9:00-16:30
  • Tour Fee: Adult $150, Child $75, More than 4 Adult: $140
  • Where you go: Milkyway, Clam City, Jellyfish Lake, Long Beach, German Chanel, Paradise, Natural Arch, Gas Tank

One Day Chelbacheb Kayak Tour (Malakal Area)

Marine Lake, Secret Lagoon etc. Let’s explore Palau slowly.

  • Tour Time: 9:00-16:30
  • Tour Fee: Adult $110, Child $55
  • Where you go: Snorkeling at Marine Lake, Lee Marvin Beach

Boat Ride Snorkeling (Outside Sea, No Guide for Snorkeling)

You ride on the diving boat and snorkel for 5-6 hours.
You can see big fish where you cannot see in other snorkeling tours.

  • Tour Time: 8:30-16:30
  • Tour Fee: Adult $65, Child $32.5
  • Where you go: Depend on the diving schedule of the day (In some points, you might not be able to snorkel and stay on the boat).5
  • Remark: Only days when we have diving boat and available seats

Peleliu Island Tour

We visit battle sites of the World War II.
Once you should visit and see by yourself.

  • Tour Time: 8:30-16:30
  • Tour Fee: Adult $200, Child $100
  • Examples of Battle Sites: Memorial Monument and Cemeteries, US Tank, Japanese Canon and Shelter, Peleliu Shrine
  • Remark: Peleliu Permit is included in the tour fee

Rock Island Tour point map